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Elevator China 2013 - China (Beijing) International Elevator Technique and Equipment Exhibition 2013


China(Beijing) International Elevator Technique and Equipment Exhibition 2013

Elevator China 2013



China (Beijing) International Elevator Technique and Equipment Exhibition 2013 (Elevator China 2013), organized by Beijing Keshun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd, will take place at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) from August 8 to August 10, 2013. 


Background Knowledge of China (Beijing) International Elevator Technique and Equipment Exhibition 2013 (Elevator China 2013)

With the continuous and rapid development of economical construction and acceleration of urbanization process, residential buildings and public facilities projects such as the airport, subway, office buildings increase significantly,which offer tremendous business chance for elevator industry development. In 2009, under the special occasion of violent economic tsunami ,real estate and relevant industry are deeply affected,which is both a challenge and an opportunity. Creating new achievements and establish new social status under new economical situation is becoming more and more prominent and high performance, multiple thinking, new technology is also highlighted.


Exhibits Scope:
Various escalators, automatic sidewalks, passenger elevators, medical elevators,cargo lifts, service lifts, construction elevators, residential lifts, observation elevators, ,hydraulic elevators,vehicle lifts, machine-roomless elevators,lifts,etc;

◇elevator transmission parts(driving mechanism,guide, quick opening mechanism,tractor,etc) Elevator safety components(safety tong, safety governor,buffer, door locking device assembly, wire cable, rope end combination,etc), electric apparatus(control panel and other electrical parts) test technique and equipment for elevator performance;

◇relevant accessories in elevator industry and electromechanical device,elevator attachments, control button,safety switch,chain, elevator adjusting device, Control and Measurement for electrical relays,converters, rubber and plastic accessories,elevator illumination, emergency device for elevator failure,lift cable,indicator, hydraulic components.

◇elevator remote monitoring system and automatic alarm system, elevator decoration

◇noval lift and related technology, high speed elevator, inclined shaft elevator, machine-roomless elevators, shuttle system,elevator control cabinet, infrared elevator door protection system, PLC control system◇elevator installation technology and revelant equipment,elevator accessories and materials

◇related media and press.


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