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CINE 2013 - China International Nuclear Power Equipment Exhibition 2013


China International Nuclear Power Equipment Exhibition 2013

CINE 2013


China International Nuclear Power Equipment Exhibition 2013 (CINE 2013), is expected to provide a broad platform for exchange and  cooperation between Chinese and foreign manufacturers, organized by Beijing Qifa Exhibit Service Co., Ltd, will take place at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) during Sept.2-4, 2013.


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China International Nuclear Power Equipment Exhibition 2012 (CINE 2012)


The range of exhibition

★Nuclear Island
·Reactor & Reactor Coolant System
·Core & Fuel
·Reactor Internals
·Reactor Pressure Vessel
·Control Rod Drive Mechanism (CRDM)
·Steam Generator (SG)
·Reactor Coolant Pump
·Containment Vessel
★Conventional Island
★Instrumentation & Control
·Application of Ergonomics in Reactor Control
·Digital Control System (DCS)
·Qualification of Software
·Isolated Phase Busduct
·Renewal of Date Acquisition System & other Systems for built Nuclear Power Station
★Electrical System
·New Emergency Power Supply System
·New High Voltage Equipment
·Nuclear Power Coating
★Various Pipes, Pumps & Valves
★Computer Aided Design in Nuclear Power Station & Computerized Documentation Management
★Welding, Machining, Heat Treatment & Assembly Technology
★Engineering Machinery & Special Tools
★Operation & Maintenance Devices
·Inspection Equipment
·Maintenance Robot
   Nuclear Accident Emergency Communication Devices
   The Standardization Plan of Nuclear Equipment
   URD, EURD & series Development of NPP
   Nuclear Safety & Protection Equipment & Materials
★Waste Disposal
·Solid Waste Treatment
·Liquid Waste Treatment
·Gaseous Waste Treatment
·Radwaste Disposal
Standard Booth Fee: (3m × 3m)
Foreign enterprises: EURO 3,300 / booth, exhibition period;
Basic price of open space (area not less than 36m2)
Foreign enterprises: EURO 330 / m2 exhibition period;

Standard booth fee: including exhibition space, 2.5m high wall plate, fascia board preparation, 9SQM Carpet, one negotiating table, two chairs, one 220V power socket and two fluorescent lamps.
If exhibitor enterprises choose booths and double-opening booths, they should pay additional 20% booth fee, and registration fee is 500 Yuan per person. (it is used for conference materials, lunch, souvenirs, etc.); and smooth ground costs include: exhibition venues, security, cleaning services (but without any configuration).



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Beijing Qifa Exhibit Service Co., Ltd

Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2001 and currently employs 120 people, is a professional exhibition planning organizations and medium-sized service organizations, the exhibition one, two, three, four, five, six and International Department and other functional departments.

Since its inception, has been successfully held dozens of large-scale exhibition, regular annual exhibitions of environmental protection, water treatment, pipeline valve; natural gas vehicles, filling stations; Power Electrical; wind power nuclear power industry; dual-use equipment than a dozen industries, create a group of well-known exhibition brands, the past few years, the company has trained a large number of pioneering spirit, full of experienced professionals to do team development, enterprise development rapidly increased their strength, as the exhibition sector, a shining star. Show now, the future, "Enterprise-fat" people like the spirit of "collaboration, enterprise, innovation and success" of the spirit of maintaining the "integrity and pragmatic, customer first" principle of service, active domestic and foreign trade organizations (associations, societies), etc. related media, to maintain close links with professional bodies and He Zuo, Xiang Mu Nu Li Shi exhibition "international, scale" work together in promoting China's prosperity and progress exhibition make a greater contribution.

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