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CJKF 2013 - The 8th CJK International Food Exposition


The 8th CJK International Food Exposition

CJKF 2013


The 8th CJK International Food Exposition (CJKF 2013), scheduled by Yantai Food Industry Association, is to be held at Yantai International Exhibition Center from May 31 to June 3, 2013.


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The 7th CJK International Food Exposition (CJKF 2012)



Booth Specification and Charging Standards

1. Booth price: (3m×3m=9㎡), for domestic enterprise, USD1200/booth
2. Land: leased (36 m2 at least): USD120/ ㎡
Necessary facilities for each booth: one desk, two chairs, two fluorescent lamps and one220V/ socket.

Exhibition and display the contents of set
1, Chinese famous exhibition of new special food: Ecological features of the original brand foods; Geographical indications protection products; Agricultural industrialization enterprises; Traditional Chinese brand; Awarded Chinese top brand; Well-known trademark in china; Famous brand of Shandong; The food industry enterprises famous trademarks of Shandong;
2, Food Zone: Various types of nourishment foods; Green food; Organic food; Halal food; Livestock and poultry meats products; Casings; Frozen food; Prepared food; Oil; Condiment;  Snack food; Bean products; Dairy; Baked goods; Freeze-dried food; Fans; bee products; Canned food; Flour products; Preserved fruits; Kimchi Etc.
3, Agricultural Zone: A variety of dried fruit; Fresh Fruit;   Vegetables and manufactured goods; Agricultural and forestry products; Mushroom products;  Agricultural and sideline products;  Special Breed; Fruit and vegetable products; Tea; Special fruits; Fresh, Frozen, Submerged stains and deep processing of agricultural and forestry products
4, Aquatic Zone:A variety of dry, frozen, fresh seafood category; Aquatic food processing;   Surimi products. Sea cucumber,  Abalone and other Sea foods. Various types of marine leisure food and marine products processing
5, health care food zone: Various types of nutritional health foods;   Tonic;  Spirulina; Seaweed food; Health drinks; Chinese herbal medicines; (ginseng, pilose antler, Cordyceps etc); Chinese herbal medicine drink; Specialty oils etc.
6, beverages zone: A variety of beverage products; Water; Wine; Rice wine; Fruit wine; Health wine; beer; liquor; etc.
7, Machinery zone: food processing equipment; fish processing equipment ; fruit and vegetable processing equipment ; food Preservation, frozen, refrigeration equipment;
   slaughter and meat processing equipment; sterilization equipment; food analysis and testing equipment; packaging machinery; inkjet printer; labeling machine; electronic scale.
8, Packaging zone: paper , plastics , metals , composite materials, glass and other packaging materials; flexible packaging products, packaging bags , plastic packaging products, electromagnetic induction foil sealing gasket , aluminum foil composite film ; color packaging


Name: Yantai Food Industry Association
Address: No.2 Unit 1807 Xin An Xi Xiang St , Yantai City China
Tel: +86-535-626 2271 / 214 5189
Fax: +86-535-214 5190

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