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CILE 2013 - 2013 China International New Energy Vehicles and Electric Vehicles Exhibition


2013 China International New Energy Vehicles and Electric Vehicles Exhibition

CILE 2013


2013 China International New Energy Vehicles and Electric Vehicles Exhibition (CILE 2013), taken by Beijing Wanglv Exhbition Company, will be staged in Beijing Exhibition Center (BEC) on Mar. 21-23, 2013. 


Highlights of 2013 China International New Energy Vehicles and Electric Vehicles Exhibition (CILE 2013)

The current exhibition fully reflect the international, there will be more than 100 companies from all over the world standard for the highest technology who will scene display in our exhibition.

Focused on identifying the following countries and regions:
Science and Technology,The exhibition will enhance the content of science and technology, all the exhibitors products required for the leading products, More than 5 seminars will be hold at the same time in a plurality of branch industry.
Validity: Exhibitors will harvest in the following aspects.
Brand: To Firm the Original Brand, Establish New Brand, Enhance the Brand Power.
Sales Promotion: To Consolidation the Original Customers, Seize the Prospective Customers, Mining Potential Customers.
Technical Communication: the latest technology, products and equipment at home and aboard will display together during the exhibition days.
Cooperative Learning: To Grasp the trend of policies, Familiar with the newest information , Learn the latest technology, Established the international cooperation.
China International New Energy Vehicles and Electric Vehicles Exhibition (CILE) tightly closed the 12th Five-Year Plan, accurately grasp the direction of national policy and market, Based on the exhibition successfully held on the basis of further as the industry, relevant enterprises to provide the best product promotion, brand display, agent cooperation, investment and financing, exchange and cooperation platform.


Exhibition Scope
New Energy Car (Vehicle): Electric ( hybrid ) Passenger car, electric bus ( hybrid ), electric ( hybrid ) cars, electric sightseeing cars, electric golf car, electric vehicles, solar electric car, electric car, electric clean cars, electric forklifts, electric Lift truck, electric motorcycles, electric tricycle, and hydrogen energy fuel, Natural gas fuel and other new energy sources, clean fuel, and a variety of low emissions, environmental protection and energy saving type automobile;

 Oil Saving, Energy Saving Auto Parts: low emission energy-saving engine, hybrid power engine and clean fuel engine; vehicle bus and control system; a variety of power battery management system; Electronic Motor control system; charging equipment; energy storage equipment; energy management system; power capacitors, flywheel, inverter, electric pump, electric power steering, electric air conditioning, power modules and other relevant energy saving technology; correlation detection, monitoring, testing, safety protective equipment of electric vehicle; electric vehicle repair, manufacturing equipment and tools.


Exhibition Charges:

Standard Booth (9 Square Meters) : 1500 USD
Deluxe Booth (18 Square Meters) : 3100 USD
Inside Land (More than 36 Square Meters) : 150 USD / S.M
Out Side Land (More than 36 Square Meters) : 75 USD/ S.M
Technology seminar and product promotion -- the best way to let the market know enterprise technology and product.
Fees: 800 USD /30 minutes; the organizers will provide conference room ( about 200 people )
Note: Please supply product information one month before the exhibition, to ensure organizer do have time to invite professional guest.


Name: Beijing Wanglv Exhbition Company
Address: Room.423, Jinyanlong Business Building, Haidian, Beijing

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