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China (Shanghai) Medical Beauty and Plastic Surgery Equipment Exhibition 2013


China (Shanghai) Medical Beauty and Plastic Surgery Equipment Exhibition 2013


Honored by industrial association as “China’s Most Valuable Industrial Exhibition for Participants in 2013”China (Shanghai) Medical Beauty and Plastic Surgery Equipment Exhibition 2013, covers a total area of over 8,000m2 with more than 400 booths, creating a global top-level event for medical beauty and plastic surgery application industry.


Organizing Committee of China (Shanghai) Medical Beauty and Plastic Surgery Equipment Exhibition 2013

Hosts: China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and Health Care (CPAM)  

Domestic and Foreign Supporters:

Association of Asian Medical Plastic Surgery          Japan Association of Medical Cosmetology

American Association of Medical Cosmetology         Korea Orthopedic Association

Organizer: Shanghai Zhanya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. 


Review of Last Event

Last event came to a successful close on June 7-9, 2012, with the total exhibition floor area increased from 5,700m2 in 2011to 7,600m2 in 2012; the number of exhibitors increased from 216 in 2011 up to 373 in 2012, creating the best record in history; the number of visitors increased from 27,761 in 2011 to 31,235in 2012. The overall scale of the exhibition once again proved its leading position in the exhibitions on medical beauty and plastic surgery in China.

According to the survey on exhibitors made by the Organizing Committee during and after the exhibition, 82% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the results of the exhibition, 80% of the exhibitors showed strong interest in continuously participating in the next exhibition.70% of the exhibitors thought that this exhibition had greater advantages than other similar exhibitions; according to the survey on visitors, 90% of the visitors showed their willingness to introduce the exhibition to their business partners or colleagues, 79% of the visitors showed interest in participating in the Exhibition 2013, 78% of the visitors thought that this exhibition had greater advantages than other similar exhibitions, 75% of the visitors believed that the exhibition had the most complete scope of exhibits, and 70% of the visitors thought that this exhibition had a leadership position in the industry.



Registration & Move-in: June 3–4, 2013       Opening Ceremony: June 5(9:00—9:30)

Show Time: June 5–7, 2013                  Move-out: June 7, 2013 (p.m.)


Scope of Exhibits
●Medical plastic surgery organization, medical plastic surgery appliances and equipment, surgical expendable, dressings, disinfection products, medical plastic surgery materials, functional rehabilitation devices, physical therapy instruments, health care instruments, multi-care equipment.
●Laser beauty equipment, body-building and slimming instruments, hair removal instruments, photons, ions skin analysis tester, oral beauty products and equipment, traditional Chinese medicine beauty technology and therapeutic instruments.
●Medical beauty institutions, medical beauty center, sports and body-building center, foot massage, foot health care, medicinal bath products and equipment, professional media and so on.
●Functional cosmetics, bio cosmetology and herbal beauty products, traditional Chinese medicine beauty technology and products, hair restorer products.
●Tattooing (eyeline tattooing, eyebrow tattooing, lip lines tattooing) decoration, tattooing equipment supplies and materials
●Beauty and body-building series: body beauty, breast enhancement devices, skin rejuvenation device, freckle instruments, slimming instruments, body-building instruments, beauty machines, beauty bed, spray machines, body slimming instruments, skin beauty light, space capsule, skin tester, light-wave bath room, foot massage equipment
●Breast enhancement products, slimming food and medicines, slimming tea, fashion body-building series, body care lingerie, aromatherapy products, health food and medicines, beauty salon products,
●SPA body painting, tattooing products and technology, nail beauty products, natural beauty products; beauty salon interlocking mechanism, slimming and body-building center, image designing center, health clubs, healthy fitness equipment, fat farm, physical fitness and exercise fitness organizations, beauty and hairdressing schools and other related educational institutions;
●Slimming equipment, treadmills, fitness massager, fitness massage belt, ultrasound liposuction instruments;
●Functional cosmetics, bio cosmetology and herbal beauty products, traditional Chinese medicine beauty technology and products, hair restorer products.



Why Participate in the Exhibition?  

Exhibition is one of the most direct and effective marketing approaches. Suppliers and buyers of medical devices industry will gather at the same time and in the same place. Participation in Medical Beauty and Plastic Surgery Equipment Exhibition will bring you the opportunity of face-to-face talking with more than 30,000 visitors.You will save much time to search for customers. China (Shanghai) Medical Beauty and Plastic Surgery Equipment Exhibition 2013 is worthy of your participation.

Suppliers can:

★ Through the Medical Beauty and Plastic Surgery Exhibition, know and contact high-quality buyers at low cost and become suppliers of many potential foreign buyers;

★ Through the Medical Beauty and Plastic Surgery Exhibition, have face-to-face communications with buyers and directly know the needs, strategies and purchasing trends of buyers;

★ Through the Medical Beauty and Plastic Surgery Exhibition, convey your own contact details and corporate culture to buyers at the exhibition, this is a marketing opportunity at the lowest cost;


Suppliers can also:

Make transactions on the spot: Though the show time is limited, thanks to direct face-to-face talks with buyers, it is easy to reach agreement or intention.

Search for potential customers: 3 days show and over 30,000 visitors will help you meet new potential customers.

Publicize your company and products: Exhibition is a kind of 3-dimention advertisement and can enhance buyers’ understanding so as to make products and services easy to accept.

Establish corporate image: Establish a fine corporate image in the same industry and among customers, and uplift your status in the industry.

Deepen market understanding: Know more about market demand and potential amid exchanges with buyers.It is more direct and accurate than routine market survey.

Open up market and establish marketing channels: open up market and seek customers through exhibition, look for and select agents or joint venture partners.

Widen international horizons: Build up an effective platform for international cooperation so as to let your company and products enter into international market more properly.

Supply-demand interaction: Your old customers or suppliers will get together at the exhibition, so it is convenient for you to carry out interactions and thank-you activities

Learn about development experience: By comparing with other suppliers, learn about others’ experience in enterprise development.

Boundless business opportunities: Focusing on Shanghai, buyers at home and abroad will gather here, international strength will be fully demonstrated. It will be a unique international platform on plastic surgery industry

Gathering of technologies: A grand gathering of the latest products and technologies at home and abroad; Exhibition-Forum-Economic Cooperation is an efficient platform for publicity and market promotion.



Participation Fees (Note: 20 % surcharge will be levied for reservation of a booth with 2-sided opening.)

Booth Type

Domestic Enterprise

Joint-venture Enterprise

Overseas Enterprise

Standard Booth

RMB 12,800/9m2

RMB 25,800/9m2

USD 4,800/9m2

Deluxe Standard Booth

RMB 15,800/9m2

RMB 28,800/9m2

USD 5,280/9m2

Raw Space (Min. 36m2)

RMB 1,300/m2

RMB 2,600/m2

USD 480/m2

Standard booth package: 3-sided partitions, 1 negotiation table, 2 chairs, company sign in Chinese and English, 2 spotlights, 1 power socket (220W/5A), and fully-floored carpet. Expenses on any other furniture shall be borne by exhibitors.


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