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2013 Fastener Expo Shanghai & The 4th Shanghai Auto Fastener Exhibition



 2013 Fastener Expo Shanghai


The 4th Shanghai Auto Fastener Exhibition


China has been one of the largest export and the second largest import market in the world. The import value for fastener in China is over 2.9 billion dollars in 2010. The output of China fastener is 6 million tons2010 with export value of over 4 billion dollars. Under this background, 2013 Fastener Expo Shanghai & The 4th Shanghai Auto Fastener Exhibition will be held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC, Formerly Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion) from June 20 - 22, 2013.



Exhibit Scope of 2013 Fastener Expo Shanghai & The 4th Shanghai Auto Fastener Exhibition

Standard and Non-standard Fasteners
Auto fastener
Stamping and Lathe parts
Fastener Equipment and Technique
Fastener Material
Mold and Consumption goods
Fastener technology and service




Hall 2, 3 
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
NO. 1099, GuoZhan Road, PuDong Region, Shanghai, China


20, 21, 22, June, 2013

Opening Times

Thu, 20 June 2013:    9am – 4:30pm
Fri,  21 June 2013:   9am – 4:30pm

Sat, 22 June 2013:    9am - 2pm


Admission is free for pre-registration visitors.

Market Info

* China has been the most active fastener import & export market in the world;

* In 2011, China’s fastener output was 6.8 million tons, increased by 9.7% year on year. With export value over USD4.66 billion, up by 27.56%;

* The auto & aviation fastener market has grown by leaps and bounds; the demand for high-end equipments of fasteners keeps going strong;

* Fastener Expo Shanghai is the only exhibition with a philosophy of whole fastener industry chain, exhibits range from material, equipment, molds, to products manufacture, testing, trade and service etc;

* As one of the largest exhibitions in global fastener industry, Fastener Expo Shanghai obtains much support from Fastener Industry Associations, not only in China, but also in some European and Asian countries.

v    Statistics for 2010-2013 Fastener Expo Shanghai

Year / Item

Total Visitors

Overseas Visitors

Exhibitors Qty.

Booths Qty.

Unit: 9sqm



733 (37 countries)





1,242 (56 countries)





1,452 (58 countries)



2013 (Estimate)


1,800 (60 countries)



It is an international fastener expo to expand your business!



2013 Fastener Expo Guangzhou (Nov.12-14 2013)


Exhibits Range of 2013 Fastener Expo Shanghai & The 4th Shanghai Auto Fastener Exhibition


Hall 2: Equipment, Wire, Molds & Consumables

Fastener Manufacturing Equipment: Multi-station forging machine, Forging/heading machinery, Thread forming machine, Assembly and secondary operations, Lathe and turning equipment, CNC machine, Presses and stamping machinery, Wire drawers / Uncoilers, Heat treatment equipment

Dispenser and coating machinery, Surface treatment equipment

Auxiliary Equipment for Fastener Making: Grinding machine, Vibration plate, Slot milling machine, Marking machine/ Ink jet printer, Cleaning equipment / Cleaning roller, Polishing machine, Sandblasting machine, Transmission device, Storage equipment/Warehouse system, Air cleaning devices, Weighing/ Counting/ Packaging equipment

Inspection and Quality Control Machines: Optical sorting machine, Tensile testing machine, Hardness tester, Spectrometer, Projector, Micrometer, Ring gauge and Plug gauge, Thickness Tester for Plating, Salt spray test machine, Ternary coordinate detector

Fastener Moulds and Consumables: Mould for cold forge and Pressing, Thread rolling mould, Punch Die, Pin, Anti-rust oil, Lubricating oil, Tapping tool, Drill, Surface treatment solution, Chemical agents, Supporting accessories

Material: Steel Materials, Cu-alloy Material, Aluminum alloy material, Special Steel, Nylon and plastic, Service of material handling

Tool of Assembly, Installation, Measurement and Maintenance: Torque Wrench, Torque Tool, Screw Driver, Solid wrench/ Monkey wrench, Riveting tools and equipments, Power tools, Pneumatic tools, Welding/soldering equipment, Fastener repair, maintain and remove, Other assembly tools and equipment.

Technology, Media & Services: Design/Production simulation/Process control, Fastener Testing Organization, ERP software, Information system, Certification organization, Fastener research/development, Fastener Associations and Organizations, Fastener Media and publishers

Hall 3: All Kinds of Fasteners and Stamping Parts

Fasteners: Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Anchors, Rivets & Self-Clinching, Studs and threaded rod, Washers and Stamping Parts, Nails, Pins and Keys, Fastener assemblies and combinations,Sets of high strength bolt/nut, Cold forged parts, Hot forged fasteners and turning parts, Stainless steel fasteners, Plastic and nylon fasteners, Non-ferrous fasteners (Cu, Ti, Al, etc), Special screws, Non-standard fasteners, Threaded plug/ Screw plug, Coil inserts/ Threaded inserts, Precision turned fastener, New type of fastener and Innovation, Other fastener products

Auto Fastener: High strength bolt for engine, wheel hub/ wheel bolts & nuts, Welding bolt and nut, Chassis fastener, Cold forged part for seat, Fastener for interior decoration, Fastener for car body

Construction Fastener and Fixing: Chemical anchors and Resins, Suspension fixings, Roofing and solar fixings, Brackets and Connectors, Scaffold fastener, Stamping products for construction

Other construction fastener and fixings

Aerospace and Military Fastener: Aluminum Alloy Fastener, Ti Alloy Fastener, Blind Bolt, Temporary Fasteners, Special Alloy Fastener, Thread insert, High / low temperature Fastener

Other Fastener for Specialized Industries: Electronic fastener, Power industry fastener, Heavy machinery fastener, Railway fastener, rail fastening, Furniture fastener, Pressure vessel fastener, Nuclear Industry Fastener, Chemical Industry Fastener, Motorcycle Fastener, Bicycle Fastener


Name: China Fastener Group Limited
Address: Room 1107, Suite 6, Lane 3611, Zhangyang Road, New Pudong District, Shanghai
Tel: +86-21-5186 3123
Fax: +86-21-6119 8711
Official Website: Click to Visit
Official Website: Click to Visit

China Fastener Group Limited has been committed to the integration of China fastener resources, with its main business areas as following:

1.    Fastener and related equipment import and export trade
2.    Fastener finance and investment
3.    Fastener industry promotion and information service
4.    Fastener exhibitions and meetings

The greater China region is the largest fastener manufacturing base in the world, and it is the largest fastener market on this planet as well. We do not only introduce the world market the most competitive fastener suppliers and products, but also guide the world-wide fastener agencies and famous hardware brands into Chinese market.

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