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China Print 2013 - The 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition


China Print 2013 - The 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition,第八届北京国际印刷技术展览会

China Print 2013

The 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition

About CHINA PRINT 2013-

CHINA PRINT 2013 - The 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition is a quadrennial event established in 1984.

CHINA PRINT is the earliest and has been the largest printing trade fair in China.

In 1988, CHINA PRINT became the first UFI member in China. In order to meet the request of China’s rapid development, CHINA PRINT’s sister show, The 1st International Printing Technology Exhibition of China (Guangdong), also known as PRINT CHINA, was held in Dongguan city in 2007. Its second event, PRINT CHINA 2011, occupied a total show area of 120,000 square meters.

With almost 30 years of development and the great development of China’s printing industry, CHINA PRINT and PRINT CHINA have become major printing shows in the world.

Show Area:  120,000 square meters
Total Visitors:  160,000 person/time


Exhibition Management
Mr. Kent Wang
Tel:  86-10-51902382
Fax: 86-10-51902393

Mr. Jason Wang
Tel:  86-10-51902384
Fax: 86-10-51902393

Mr. Michael Chen
Tel:  86-10-51902386
Fax: 86-10-51902393

Media Contacts
Mr. Jason Wang
Tel:  86-10-51902384
Fax: 86-10-51902393



Exhibit Categories
1.  Prepress and Premedia
1.1 Publishing software
1.2 Software for packaging prepress
1.3 Workflow and data handling software
1.4 Software for multimedia
1.5 Encoding and identification software and equipment
1.6 Input devices
1.7 Output devices
1.8 Equipment & systems for printing forme production punching equipment
1.9 Colour matching systems

2. Print
2.1 Sheet-fed offset printing machines
2.2 Web-fed offset printing machines
2.3 Flexographic printing machines
2.4 Letterpress machines
2.5 Gravure printing machines
2.6 Hybrid printing machines (combination of methods)
2.7 Digital printing machines and digital printing systems
2.8 Screen printing machines
2.9 Pad / Tampon printing machines
2.10 Printing machines and systems for special printing applications
2.11 Peripheral equipment
2.12 Rollers, cylinders and sleeves

3. Postpress and Paper Converting
3.1 Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
3.2 Paper converting for stationery
3.3 Paper converting equipment for the paper industry
3.4 Paper converting equipment for the packaging industry, packaging production
3.5 Paper converting equipment for hygiene products
3.6 Paper converting equipment for technical paper products
3.7 Machines for the production of die-cutting formes
3.8 Encoding and identification systems

4. Paper and substrates
4.1 Graphic paper – web printing paper
4.2 Graphic paper – cut-size paper
4.3 Paper, cardboard and board for packaging
4.4 Tissue
4.5 Paper, cardboard and board for technical and special applications
4.6 Films / foils
4.7 Other substrates

5. Inks and Consumables
5.1 Offset printing inks
5.2 Flexographic printing inks
5.3 Gravure printing inks
5.4 Screen printing inks
5.5 Toners and inks
5.6 Coatings / Varnishes
5.7 Chemicals
5.8 Anti-setoff powder
5.9 Printing formes and coating formes
5.10 Printing blankets, packing materials and sleeves
5.11 Dampening solution additives & printing aids
5.12 Washing agents & maintenance products
5.13 Adhesives and glues
5.14 Bookbinding materials
5.15 Embossing and laminating materials
5.16 Encoding and identification materials
5.17 Photographic materials
5.18 Conveyor belts and tapes

6. Components and Infrastructure
6.1 Network systems
6.2 Room climate & conditioning
6.3 Extraction and ventilation systems
6.4 Waste removal and recovery systems
6.5 Conveyor and transportation systems (no floor conveyors)
6.6 Archiving and documentation
6.7 Measuring and testing equipment
6.8 Measuring and testing tools
6.9 Spare parts, wearing parts and lubricants
6.10 Control, feed-back control and drive technology
6.11 Paper handling, machines for sheet, reel and pile handling
6.12 Sound insulation
6.13 Knives & grinding machines
6.14 Light sources for reproduction techniques
6.15 Ink milling and mixing machines
6.16 Ink agitators and mixers
6.17 Ventilation systems (central compressed air supply)

7. Services and Software
7.1 Address services
7.2 Basic and further training
7.3 Consulting services
7.4 Image archives and image data bases
7.5 Data processing services
7.6 Print services providers
7.7 Printing forme producers
7.8 e-commerce for the printing industry
7.9 Financial services & insurance services providers
7.10 Research and development
7.11 Used machinery dealers
7.12 Mailing and postal services providers
7.13 Machine transportation and machine mounting
7.14 Software
7.15 Industrial associations and professional organizations
7.16 Certification, testing and standardization

8. Others
8.1 Applications for printed electronics / printed functionalities
8.2 Applications for nanotechnology
8.3 Trade and technical literature, technical dictionaries
8.4 Trade press, trade magazines
8.5 Trade directories


Name: CIEC Exhibition Company Limited, CIEC Group
Address: 3rd floor, General Service Building, #6 East Road North 3rd Ring Road Chao Yang District Beijing China 100028
Tel: +86-10-8460 0308
Fax: +86-10-8460 0325 / 8460 0346
Official Website: Click to Visit

CIEC Exhibition Co. Ltd./CIEC Exhibition Company Limited, CIEC Group, an overseas subsidiary of China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation under China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), was registered in Hong Kong in 1986. Its main business covers creation, design, development and organizing of specialized international exhibitions and conventions. It also provides exhibition engineering, exhibition hall management, exhibit forwarding services as well as relevant services on trade, travel and consultation for exhibition & convention information to all clients from China and other countries.

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