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    Name: TMT Finance
    Address: Tulip House, 70 Borough High Street, London SE1, 1XF United Kingdom
    Tel: +44-20-3747 4603
    Official Website:  Click to Visit

    TMT Finance provides specialist news, research and high end networking and knowledge sharing events for senior executives from the telecom, finance and professional advisory community globally.

    Our products include:

    Newsletter (TMT Finance News)
    Conferences (TMT Finance & Investment Middle East, TMT Finance & Investment Asia Pacific, TMT Finance & Investment Africa, TMT Finance & Investment India; TMT M&A Forum, ICT Financing Emerging Markets, and the Cloud Law Summit)
    Award Ceremonies (TMT Finance Awards)
    Market Reports (ICT Investment Opportunities Africa).

    We are committed to providing insight and intelligence on new opportunities in growth markets in the telecom, media and technology sectors. We thrive on the quality of our contacts in the international business community.

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