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    Name: Linver Insights China
    Address: 3F, Block 8, "Bridge 8", No.8 Middle Jian Guo Road, Shanghai 200025, PRC
    Tel: +86-21-5100 1880
    Fax: +86-21-5465 7560
    Official Website:  Click to Visit

    Linver Insights is a leading business solution provider specialing in high-end summits, trainings and third-party event planning in Asia Pacific region.

    Linver Insights serves more than 10,000 professional executives from world leading corporations to help them gain deep insights of the latest industry polices and regulations, learn professional knowledge and skills to improve their decision making process. Moreover, we provide tailor-made business development programs and professional marketing promotion platforms upon customer's request.

    Listening to the heartbeat of customers’ needs, thinking out-of-the box for business innovation and integrating resources available are the pillars of Linver Insights' success.

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