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    Name: Haw Ji Co., Ltd.
    Address: 2F, No. 17, PaoChing St., SongShan Dist., Taipei City 10585, Taiwan
    Tel: +886-2-2760-7407 ~ 10
    Fax: +886-2-2742-0522
    Official Website:  Click to Visit

    Since the inception in the 1980's, Haw Ji Co., Ltd. (formerly Haw Tian Co., Ltd.) has been serving customers and the whole industry by the motto of “Creating Breakthrough Innovations with Enthusiasm and Responsibility.”  

    It is also our belief that pioneering visions should go side by side with practical strategies to consolidate our business foundations in the industry.  Our company consists of the Management Office, Planning Office, Overseas Department, Editorial Department, Art and Design Department, Sales Department, Administrative Department, Internet Department, and Photography Division.  Headquartered in Taipei, Haw Ji also has offices in Taichung and Kaohsiung in Taiwan, and in the Panyu Area of Guangdong Province, China. 
    In addition to the publishing business, Haw Ji also organizes tradeshows annually in Taiwan and China, and maintains our own websites to provide promotional services for our customers.  Our trade publications include the English-speaking Game Time International (GTI) Magazine published every one and a half months and circulated all over the world, traditional-Chinese-speaking Taiwan Slot Magazine monthly for the Chinese communities, simplified-Chinese-speaking China Game Magazine monthly for China, and the English-Chinese Game Time Encyclopedia annually for the global gaming / amusement industry.  GTI Asia Taipei Expo is held annually in Taipei, Taiwan between May and July.  It is the one of the biggest tradeshows in Asia and appeals to thousands of attendees worldwide every year.  
    Focusing on the market of China, GTI Asia Hong Kong/Macau Expo is organized is also organized annually to act as an excellent trade platform for the Asian market. 

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