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    Name: Tianjin Bicycle Industrial Association
    Address: 2/F, No.35 Building, Tianhua Yayuan Suiyuan Department, Zhanbei Rd., Jinzhonghe Ave., Hebei District, Tianjin
    Tel: +86-22-2643 7027
    Fax: +86-22-2643 7460
    Official Website:  Click to Visit

    Founded in 1995, Tianjin Bicycle Industrial Association always adhere to the the purpose of “gathering the wisdom of mass to make industry boom”. We devoted ourselves to serving the enterprises and dedicated to a variety of activities such as information consultation, market research, products introduction, to expand market to promote the Tianjin Bicycle Industry developing vigorously.

    In recent years, Tianjin Bicycle industry was impacted seriously by the world's energy and financial crisis as well as climate change challenges. A large number of enterprises are getting into a lot of trouble like poor export situation and sluggish domestic demand due to that fact. Howerver, they try their best to turn these challenges into opportunities, they adhere to independent innovation, change the developing method and constantly explore the new growing way, They access to international sales market depended on innovative high-quality bicycles and electric bicycles products and occupied a huge domestic market, thereby accelerated the pace of upgrading industrial adjustment. The bicycle output has reached 34.74 million units, decreasing by 14.87%; bicycle export volume reached 14.33 million units, the output of electric bicycles increased to 8.28 million units, increased by 27.2%, realizing the efforts of the optimization on structure of product and make a great progress.

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