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    Name: China Radio & TV Co. For International Techno-Economic Cooperation
    Address: A2, Beibinhe Street, West District, Beijing, China.
    Tel: +86-10-6344 0467
    Fax: +86-10-6344 4129
    Official Website:  Click to Visit


    Over the past four decades, China Radio & TV Corporation for International Techno-Economic Cooperation (CRTV) has completed nearly a thousand projects of radio and television facilities both in and outside China. The company has built more than one hundred MW and SW transmitting stations, TV and FM transmitting centers, radio and TV centers and satellite communication systems for over 50 Asian, African, Latin-American and European countries and regions. It has also undertaken designing, installation and testing of public address system, simultaneous interpretation system, cable television system, radio and TV rebroadcast system, stage equipment, illumination system and other systems in conference halls, stadiums and gymnasia for foreign countries. It has also trained people in these countries for the management of the systems.

    China Radio & TV Corporation for International Techno-Economic Cooperation (CRTV) is a comprehensive company in the radio and television industry of China. CRTV’s business line mainly includes contracting of domestic and foreign radio, film & TV engineering and electromechanical equipment installations; business and agency of import, export and trade; design, consultation and supervision of architecture engineering and broadcast, communication & electronic engineering; organizing various exhibitions and technical seminars at home and abroad. 

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