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    Name: China Luxury Industry Association (CLIA)
    Address: Room 908, Building A, Fudan software park, Changyi Road, Baoshan District, SH, China
    Tel: +86-21-6840 7631
    Fax: +86-21-68407632
    Official Website:  Click to Visit

    China Luxury Industry Association (CLIA) is the most authoritative organization in the luxury industry in Asia. It was initiated and established by senior executives from a group of European top-luxury brand companies, renowned scholars from business schools, and professional consultants in 2010, on the basis of the successful launch of 6 China Luxury Summits and 2 INNO Luxury Summits since 2004. Its research and liaison covers the entire Asian region except Japan, focuses on the luxury consumption market in the Great China Region, and witnesses the advance of European Luxury goods into the international market. Officially registered in Hong Kong and with its Asian headquarters in Singapore, CLIA has its China headquarters with offices located in the Pudong New District ,SH. For 7 years, leaders of the 3 biggest luxury associations in Europe (Armando Branchini, Chairman of the Italian Luxury Association – Fondazione Altagamma; Guy Salter, Vice-chairman of the British Luxury Association - Walpole; and Christian Kurtzke, Chairman of the German Luxury Association - Meisterkreis), as well as ESSEC, the world’s most reputed elite educational institute of luxury industry, have shown their concern for and jointly involved themselves in the establishment of CLIA. Related departments of the Shanghai Municipality have also given their utmost support for CLIA founding. Currently, CLIA is composed of 2 deputy ministers from the government sector, 10 significant entrepreneurs holding positions equal to or above that of the vice-president, more than 8 experts and professors relating to the luxury industry, 5 research consultants in the luxury industry, 20 operators engaged in luxury management, and over 200 initial members of the association, constituting a professional and authoritative team, which is growing robustly on the GCR market and promoting the connections between the European luxury market and the Asian-Pacific region.

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