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SIUP Expo 2015 - The 4th Shanghai International Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction Engineering Expo

  • VENUE: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
    Location & Details of Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
  • VENUE ADDRESS: 2345 Long Yang Road, Pudong Area, Shanghai, 201204, China
  • ORGANIZER: BASON Exhibition Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • Contact:Mr. zhou
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-21-5734 0064; +86-21-5734 0391
  • Fax: +86-21-5734 0034
  • CITY:Shanghai
  • INDUSTRY:Building Construction
  •  Construction
  •  Building Decorations & Building Materials
  • DATE: 2015/06/30 - 2015/07/02 Expired!


SIUP Expo 2015

The 4th Shanghai International

Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction Engineering Expo

To promote the development of underground pipe network industry in China, SIUP Expo 2015 Shanghai International Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction Engineering Exhibition will reveal its 4th edition from June 30-July 2, 2015 at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC).

As an authoritative and specialized show in underground pipe network industry and an effective platform for insiders to exchange information and do business, SIUP Expo 2015 focus on all links of underground pipe network industry chain, the communication and cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises, encourage innovation of relevant enterprises and promote technological advancement of the industry, which will attract abandunt domestic and foreign enterprises from pipeline industry.

As an influential large-scale international fairShanghai Int‘l Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction Engineering Expo creates an international showcasing and communication platform targeting underground pipe network one-stop industrial development direction, industrial layout and repair services.

Previous SIUP Expo:

SIUP Expo 2014 - 2014 Shanghai International Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction Engineering Exhibition



Both domestic and foreign enterprises from pipeline industry are welcome to this grand event.

1. Municipal engineering association of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government;
2. Enterprises and institutions engaging in municipal road engineering design, construction, maintenance and management;
3. Competent department governing transportation system, highway system, aviation system, hydraulic system, power system and gas system, etc.;
4. Road & bridge company, construction engineering company, water conservancy engineering company, municipal engineering company;
5. Design institute, planning institute and other service providers;
6. Colleges/universities and research institutions;
7. Departments governing municipal administration and management, etc.;
8. Agent; distributor;
9. Relevant trade such as import & export;
10. Form alliance with media of the industry and publicize the exhibition through hundreds of newspaper, magazine, website, radio station and TV station;
11. On the strength of large database, the organizer will send invitation letter to relevant enterprises, purchasers and industry insiders so as to ensure people of real purchase intentions will come to the show.
12. Attend similar large-scale exhibitions so as to publicize the exhibition among relevant customers and organize visitors.
13. Organizer will send 500,000 beautifully printed invitations to dozens of overseas countries and regions, 30 provincial cities, 400 cities at prefecture level and 2,500 cities at county level domestically. 


1. Underground pipeline comprehensive planning, design and construction units
2. Underground pipeline detection and general survey results
3. Underground pipeline information management system and software
4. Underground pipeline position detection technology, instrument and equipment
5. Underground pipeline communication technology product
6. Water supply and drainage pipe technology & equipment
7. Gas pipeline technology and equipment
8. Electric power communication pipeline technology and equipment
9. Heating pipeline technology and equipment
10. Petroleum & chemical pipeline technology and equipment
11. Other specialized pipeline technology and equipment
12. Pipe network leakage and corrosion detection equipment
13. Pipeline health assessment, dredging, cleaning and disease detection technology & equipment
14. Pipeline tracing and electronic identification technology &equipment
15. Intelligent monitoring, early warning and emergency disposal technology & equipment
16. Pipeline welding, anti-corrosion, insulation, fire prevention materials and latest technology
17. Plastic pipe, steel pipe, composite pipe, large diameter plastic lined concrete pipe and other pipes
18. Underground pipeline trenchless pipe laying, repair, replacement construction technology & equipment
19. Earthmoving equipment (bulldozer, scraper, loader, excavator, rock crushing machine, crane, etc.)
20. Underground pipeline pump, valve, flange, instrument and other control equipment
21. Other relevant technology products 


Name: BASON Exhibition Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Tel: +86-21-3113 0076
Fax: +86-21-5734 0034
Official Website: Click to Visit

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