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SIAAF 2013 - Shanghai International Automotive Aftermarket Fair 2013


Shanghai International Automotive Aftermarket Fair 2013

SIAAF 2013



Shanghai International Automotive Aftermarket Fair 2013 (SIAAF 2013), which is expected to be a key auto aftermarket trade event that is committed to extending international business opportunities, promoting participants' brand image and enhancing their e-commerce capabilities, will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) on Oct.10-12, 2013. 

Shanghai International Automotive Aftermarket Fair 2013 (SIAAF 2013) will attract the leading international auto accessories brands, trimming practitioners, large-scale servicing franchises and top retrofitters. Together, these businesses leverage Reed Exhibitions' global resources to explore a powerful platform that covers auto dealerships, distributors, retailers, retrofitters, servicing companies and e-commerce.

Shanghai International Automotive Aftermarket Fair (SIAAF) represents the emergence of a brand new integrated operation model. More than that, it is a leading platform to serve the Chinese auto aftermarket; target trade buyers with the highest purchasing power and attract procurement professionals with the strongest purchasing intent. 

Shanghai International Automotive Aftermarket Fair 2013 (SIAAF 2013) also brings together a diverse cross-section of high-quality suppliers and blends procurement leads, talks, information of prevailing industry trends and demonstrations of innovative technology with exchanges on auto culture.

Four themed pavilions combining high quality local and international industry resources
■ Global Auto Life and Service
■ Auto Accessories
■ Auto Trimming, Retrofitting, Technologies
■ Auto E-Commerce and New Business Model Activities covering topical industry issues to build an international brand imageenhancing platform
■ China Auto Accessories and Trimming Brand Names Conference: A large gathering at the most influential auto accessories and trimming event, to honor the industry's best performers.
■ Global Auto Aftermarket Forum: A brainstorming session among leading experts, buyers, media organizations and representatives of prestigious brands. The focus will be on global auto culture, lifestyle and services.
■ China Auto Accessories E-Commerce Forum: New e-commerce brands will be unveiled here - a new way of doing business.


Profile of Visitors

Over 20,000 local and international visitors are expected at Shanghai International Automotive Aftermarket Fair 2013 (SIAAF 2013). They include:
■ Distributors, agents
■ Importers and exporters
■ 4S-store dealers
■ Auto accessories franchisees
■ Large-/mid-sized auto accessories markets
■ Trimming, servicing professionals
■ Online distributors
■ Online and offline retailers
■ Manufacturers/OEM licensors
■ Consumers, end users
■ Media


Profile of Exhibits
■ Trimming 
■ Interior/exterior décor
■ Green products
■ Auto electronics products
■ Auto safety products
■ Infotainment products
■ In-car communications products
■ Customization solutions
■ Auto lifestyle and services
■ Auto and outdoor sports products


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